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Water Damage Restoration

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Experts

APEX carpet cleaning is the premier carpet cleaner Phoenix has to offer. We offer a full suite of carpet cleaning services ranging from 100% guaranteed carpet stain removal to water damage repair. Many competing carpet cleaning companies in phoenix do not offer water damage restoration, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning like we do.

Our water damage repair techniques are top notch. We specialize in water extraction and love to turn home flood disasters into the cleanest floors you’ve ever had. Although we are in the desert landscape of Phoenix, which is normally going through drought like conditions, “flooding” is a very common issue in Arizona homes. The most common reason this occurs is because of a plumbing issue that was not fixed soon enough or that got out of hand. If a pipe bursts or something like that and you are unable to turn the water off for an extended period of time, you risk damaging not only your floors but many other things in the house.

Some people think that the floors can just dry out on their own and they will be fine. This is usually not the case, as mold can develop under carpeting which is very dangerous for pets and children. Mold is a common source of allergens and irritants, which can affect your skin, nose, eyes and lungs. The mold will usually develop below the surface in the padding or bottom layer of the carpet and may only be noticed by its foul odor weeks later.  If you have any type of wood flooring it can be damaged and warped by the water as well. It will start to develop bumps, cracks and eventually start breaking apart.

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration and Extraction

In Phoenix, water damage restoration is important to take care of as soon as possible. Many serious health conditions can be developed as a result of home water damage if it is not dealt with quickly and professionally. APEX carpet cleaning has been servicing the Phoenix metro area since 2001 and will give you a fair and honest quote, along with the best service you have ever had. If you don’t believe us, check out all of the great things people have said about us in our reviews section!


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Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta has been cleaning carpets for as long as he can remember. He is a professional in the business and a well respected name in the valley. He has been running APEX carpet cleaning successfully for years now, and can definitely get your stain out.

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