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Stain Removal

Iodine / Betadine

Removing these stains immediately is very crucial because Iodine is a dye and can become a real nuisance to remove. Here are a couple methods you can use to remove these types of stains. Because these stains can be tough make sure you follow directions carefully to prevent permanent damage. If you do not feel confident in removing these stains on your own, contact a professional.
For this first method you will need to mix 1 tsp of sodium thiosulfate and ½ cup of warm water. Mix the solution until all the crystals have dissolved. Be very careful when using this chemical, the sodium thiosulfate may cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and lungs. Use a sponge and apply the solution by gently blotting the stain, making your way in from the outer edges to the center of the stain. During this cleaning process it is important to blot instead of scrubbing, you want to avoid rubbing the dye further into the fibers of your carpet. Allow the solution to set on the affected area so that it can loosen the dye particles from the carpet fibers, keep area moist during this time. This method should be used if the affected area is on synthetic carpet, wool, cotton, fiberglass, polyester, spandex, triacetate, linen, and rayon. Always test chemical in an inconspicuous area to avoid damage. Lastly, using an absorbent pad, blot the area then rinse with cold water. If the stain is on tile you will need to mix warm water with a few drops of ammonia. Using a cloth wipe the stain, rinse the area, and then dry.
For this second method, first begin by applying a reducer to the stain by using a trigger sprayer and then using a moist terry towel cover up the affected area. Remember to always test the chemicals you use in an inconspicuous area to avoid any damage to your carpet. Next, you will need to apply steam heat to the area using a steam iron set at mid range temperature, leave the iron on the affected area for about 1 to 2 minutes (make sure to check on it every 30 seconds). Lastly, remove the iron and the stain should be gone. Rinse the area with clear water and blot dry.
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Rich Sparta

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