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Grease stains are tricky to get out of your carpet, so it is very important to identify what type of material you will be working with. Patience is crucial and make sure to follow directions well. Here are some methods you can try when removing grease stains.
Fist, try and remove as much grease from the carpet by blotting with paper towels. If grease is dry, remove as much as you can with a plastic utensil. Next, sprinkle baking soda generously over the stained area, covering it. Allowing powder to dwell is very crucial for these types of stains, so let powder sit for about 6 hours. This will absorb the grease drawing it out of the carpet. After the 6 hours are up, use a white rag and wet with isopropyl alcohol. Always test in an inconspicuous area to avoid any damage to your carpet. Rub the stain with the rag; remember to make your way from the outer edges to the center of the stain to avoid spreading. Then, mix bleach-free liquid dish soap with warm water to scrub any remaining stain. Mix warm water and vinegar, dip a clean rag in it and use to rinse. Absorb any remaining moisture by blotting area with a clean dry towel. Proceed by covering the area with baking soda again and finish up this cleaning process by vacuuming up the powder when the area is dry.
The second method you can try is quite simple. Begin by applying a solvent like liquid dish soap and warm water to the grease stain and agitate gently to dissolve soil. Then, apply a solution and agitate to emulsify and suspend oil. Lastly, do a hot water extraction. Try and avoid over saturating your carpet so that moisture does not seep into the padding.
The last method you can try is to begin by mixing dishwashing liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide. Next, using a spray bottle, spray the affected area generously, and allow it about 10 minutes dwell time. Then, with a white cloth scrub the area carefully (remember to begin from the outer edges making your way to the center to prevent spreading). After scrubbing is done, use a clean rag and blot dry.
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Rich Sparta

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