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Filtration Soil stains arise over a period of time and are caused by air passing through your carpet attempting to go through the edge of the carpet pile. Filtration soil stains have an electrical charge that firmly bonds them to the fibers. These soil particles are so fine they penetrate deep into the carpet making them difficult to remove. If you have dark stain lines around the HVAC, under doors, or around baseboards this is what you can do.
(Always remember to test the solvent in an inconspicuous area)
First, before you begin the cleaning process it is best to vacuum and use a piece of plastic or cardboard to protect the walls and baseboards. Begin by applying a pre-conditioner to the filtration soils. This next step is very important; agitation is the key to removing these types of stains. Using a brush or scraper agitate fibers by carefully scrubbing or tamping. Rinse and then apply gel solvent. Gel solvent is always safer to use because it does not cause delamination. Allow the chemical to dwell for a few minutes and then rinse the treated area again by using an edging crevice tool; because these stains are difficult to remove repeat all steps several times for best results.
Another method you can use is to begin by applying filtration soil remover to the stained fibers and agitate the treated areas gently. Then, you must do a Hot Water Extraction rinse with hot water or extraction emulsifier. Lastly, to delay further filtration soil build-up, apply an Anti Re-Soiling Agent.
With a little planning these stains can be prevented to some degree. One way is to have fabric protector applied after every cleaning. You can also try sealing the air spaces around baseboards and stairs. Always ask a professional when they come out for a service, sometimes they offer these services as well. The challenge in removing these stains lies in where they are located so remember to be patient and follow all instructions correctly.
It is very important to know which kinds of fibers you are dealing with before any cleaning to avoid permanent damage. If you are unsure contact a professional for advice.
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Rich Sparta

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