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Cough Syrup: Red and Yellow

Cough syrup can leave distinct stains on carpets depending on what type of dye it is. In this article I will show you how to get rid of Red and Yellow cough syrup stains. Remember to never rub the affected area, always test chemicals in an inconspicuous area, and remember to always work from the outside of the stain towards the center to avoid spreading.
First, absorb as much cough syrup from carpet as possible using paper towels. You can make your own solution by mixing water and one table spoon of liquid dish soap. Using a spray bottle squirt the diluted solution onto the affected area. Make sure to not soak the carpet to avoid damaging backing. Blot the affected area with paper towels until the cough syrup has been lifted from carpet. Lastly, when the stain has been removed place paper towels over wet carpet to absorb moisture. Once the carpet is dry you can vacuum to restore texture.
Second, for red cough syrup rinse thoroughly via hot water extraction and leave it as dry as possible. Blot the affected area dry with clean white towels to remove excess moisture. Then, apply a reducer in equal parts using a trigger sprayer. Next, cover the area with a moderately wet terry towel. Apply steam heat from an iron set at the lowest steam temperature. Check stain every 30 seconds. Once the stain turns to a light yellow or has disappeared remove heat and towel. Lastly, extraction rinse chemical residue away. For red stains, it is not unnecessary for high temperatures, but dwell time is important. If stain remains it is because of insufficient heating time.
For yellow cough syrup stains you must rinse thoroughly via hot water extraction, make sure to leave as dry as possible. Apply an oxidizer and cover with a damp towel. Next, apply steam heat and check every 10 seconds. Remove heat when stain is gone or if carpet begins to lose color.
If the stain persists after trying both methods, contact a professional cleaner.

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Rich Sparta

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