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Replacing a cartridge after it runs out of toner can be a difficult job to many and if you are not careful it can leak and spill fine powder onto your carpet. The longer it takes you to resolve this matter, the more difficult it becomes to remove the toner. Time is essential when dealing with this type of stain. When removing copier toner you can use a regular vacuum however, the particles the toner contains can damage the unit. Remember to never rub the affected area, and always test chemicals in an inconspicuous area. I am going to provide you with two types of methods you can use when something like this happens.
First, if the spill is more than a teaspoon sweep the toner into a dustpan and dispose of it in the trash. Next, using a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) vacuum the loose toner. Using the adhesive side of packaging tape, tape onto any remaining toner particles, and gently remove from carpet and dispose. Mix liquid dish soap with cold water. It is very important that you do not use warm water with this kind of spill. Heat can causes toner particles to bond with carpet fibers, therefore making it impossible to remove. Using a white rag damp in solution and blot the affected area until toner is completely removed. Always use a clean part of the rag to avoid reapplying toner. When toner is removed use another damp rag and blot area to rinse out the soap. Lastly use a terry cloth towel to dry carpet.
Second, this first step to this method is very important. Thoroughly vacuum spot and remove as much dry toner as possible. Apply emulsifier to stained area and then agitate gently but very thoroughly with hand brush to emulsify toner. If discoloration remains, apply and oxidizer using a carpet shark, and agitate gently. And lastly you must very thoroughly do an extraction rinse.

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Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta

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