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Stain Removal

Coffee, Tea, Wine, Chocolate, Urine, and other organic type stains.

When something spills and stains your carpet time is of essence. Identifying the type of stain is the key. An innocent spill can become permanent the longer you wait to remove it. Remember to never rub the affected area, blot as much moisture from the carpet using white paper towels, to prevent spreading and then work your way in from the edges to the center. If there are solid spills you can use a spoon or knife to remove what has not yet soaked into the carpet. Remember to always test the chemical you use in an inconspicuous area.
You can try your own all-purpose cleaner by mixing mild dishwashing liquid soap into warm water. To prevent damage to the backing make sure not to over wet carpet when cleaning. The solution must sit on the stain for about ten minutes and then blot using a clean white cloth. Repeat this method until it no longer transfers to the cloth. After the spill has been taken out rinse with cold water and blot dry until all the moisture is gone.
When you can’t get to the spill on time, you can try this method: pre spray stained area with dilute solution of emulsifier or soap and water. Agitate gently but thoroughly to emulsify contamination. You must do a hot water extraction then rinse spot. Make sure to dry carpet as much as possible by blotting with a dry towel. If stain remains you can apply oxidizer to the discolored fibers with trigger sprayer and gently agitate.
The stain should disappear in one to eight hours depending on the severity. Remember to be patient it may take several repetitions. Persistent spills may require using a poultice or calling in a professional.
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Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta has been cleaning carpets for as long as he can remember. He is a professional in the business and a well respected name in the valley. He has been running APEX carpet cleaning successfully for years now, and can definitely get your stain out.

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