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Chalk is a wonderful way for a child to express their creative side and to pass the time, and sometimes they won’t just keep it out in the cement or pavement and eventually they will bring it into the house. Chalk can leave a powdery residue that can stain clothing, carpet and numerous other surfaces. You must remove chalk stains as soon as possible and prior to cleaning to avoid permanent staining. Chalk stains are usually removable. It is best to find out what kind of chalk it is before adding any chemicals to your carpet. Most chalks now are made with water soluble colors, as the box should say. Always remember to test chemicals used in an inconspicuous area, if damage occurs discontinue use. Remember to never rub the affected area to avoid spreading. Here are two methods you can use when dealing with chalk stains.
First, if you are able to get to the stain just in time, begin by vacuuming up as much of the chalk. You then want to create your own solution by adding liquid dish soap to warm water. Next, use a white cloth and saturate it in the solution. Begin blotting the affected area until the stain is gone. Lastly, you want to wipe the area clean with a damp cloth and allow the carpet to air dry.

Another Procedure to use when you can’t get to it right away is: Dry Vacuum area thoroughly to remove as much excess contamination as possible. Apply dilute solution of emulsifier to contaminated fibers. Using bottom of trigger sprayer agitate treated area until contamination becomes suspended in foam. Without using water dry extract foam. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until foam no longer colors from chalk. Thoroughly hot water extraction rinse area to remove emulsifier solution. If light color remains apply an oxidizer and allow dwell time. The stain should disappear as it dries.

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Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta

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