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Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Services

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning ServicesNo matter where you live, caring for your carpets is important. Clean carpets can help with your overall health, add to the cleanliness of your home, and of course clean carpets make your home look better all around. If you are looking for Phoenix carpet cleaning services, Apex Carpet Cleaning is your solution!

We are known in the Valley for providing excellent and speedy carpet, tile, and grout cleaning services. We know how important it is to find trusted, professional carpet cleaning services to help keep your carpet looking like new after every clean. Our techniques are unlike any other in the Valley, ensuring that even the toughest stains are removed, and if we can’t remove them with a deep clean, we offer carpet repair services to remove the spot altogether and replace it with new carpet!

No Need for New Carpet When You Can Call Apex

You may be thinking that you need new carpet but think back on the last time you had your carpet cleaned by a professional. How long ago was it? Did you call Apex? The answers to those questions are probably, “way too long ago and no.” Let our professional carpet cleaners help get your carpet back to like new conditions in a matter of one visit. We can save you money and make your carpets feel brand new. Sometimes all your flooring needs is a little bit of extra attention and a professional to get them looking bright again.

Our Services Aren’t Limited

While other Phoenix carpet cleaning services may only offer one simple carpet cleaning technique/ cleaning service, we offer multiple. When it comes to making sure your floors look and feel clean, new, and bright, Apex is who you need to call. We specialize in the following services:

About Apex Carpet Cleaning

Rich Sparta opened APEX in 1989 with the intent of providing Phoenix carpet cleaning services that were professional and personable. He wanted to give the valley the best services at affordable prices. Since opening their doors the company has consistently grown due to their awesome services and commitment to excellence.

Rich Sparta - Apex Carpet Cleaning

APEX is known by many in the Valley as being one of the most trusted Phoenix carpet cleaning services around. All of the employees that work for Rich are fully IICRC certified and most have worked for APEX for over 3 years. Apex Carpet Cleaning uses only truck mounted machines in combination with a variety of the best chemicals in the marketplace today. They are considered to be the best products in the industry and which is why Apex uses them; they provide only the best for their customers. Apex choses to provide the “Truck-Mounted” steam cleaning method, (also known as hot-water extraction) because this precise method is the only method that cleans deep down into the carpet fibers, to “cleanse” out unhealthy contaminants. This method is recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturers – as a matter of fact – some stain and wear warranties require your carpets to be professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis. No matter what, you can count on Apex to deliver the best Phoenix carpet cleaning services and most efficient methods to your home or business.

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Call Apex today for a quote on your carpet cleaning services. The team at Apex is available to answer your questions and set up a time that fits your schedule to get your cleaning services done. We are affordable, timely, and most importantly provide the best carpet cleaning in the valley.