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Mesa Carpet Cleaners

Mesa Carpet CleanersKeeping your carpet clean can be difficult, we get it, but we also know how crucial it is for so many reasons. Whether it is allergies or just overall health, professional carpet cleaning is a necessity and should be done at least once per year. If you care looking for Mesa carpet cleaners, Apex Carpet Cleaning is your solution. We have been professionally cleaning carpet, tile, grout, and upholstery in the valley for over 30 years, which means we know what we are doing. We are the experts to call for all of your carpet care needs.

Like-New Carpets In Just One Visit

Whether you have pets who have soiled on the carpet or kids who bring in a mess every time they come in from outside, our team of carpet cleaning professionals can remove up to 90% of stains in just one visit. Our carpet cleaners in Mesa are trained professionals who only use the best products on the market to get your carpet back to like-new conditions. They make sure to not only get the job done right the first time, but to get it done in a timely manner because we know how valuable your time is. We offer affordable prices with quality work, something that is rare in this industry. For your Mesa carpet cleaners, call Apex TODAY!

Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Cleaner Longer

  • Make sure to clean up any spills or accidents as soon as you notice them. The faster you clean up spills, the better your change of saving your carpet and the padding beneath it. OnceMesa Carpet Cleaners liquids make their way to the padding, it can be hard to remove the stain completely. Often the stains that seem to keep reappearing are actually stains in the padding that keep resurfacing even after professional cleanings.
  • Use entry mats both inside and outside of each door that goes in and out of the house. This will help eliminate dirt from making its way into your home and onto your carpet.
  • Ask people to remove their shoes before walking on any carpet.
  • Vacuum high traffic areas multiple times a week and all carpet at least once a week.
  • Use area rugs in high traffic areas to help in the longevity of your carpet.


FAQs About Apex and Professional Carpet Cleaning

Q: Can your Mesa carpet cleaners get all stains out?

A: While most stains will come out during our normal cleaning, some tough stains may require special treatment. Success at removing these difficult types of stains can be diminished by home remedies that have been applied before our technician arrives, which is why advise all of our customers to call us as soon as a large stain is noticed and leave it be until we arrive. The technicians at Apex will know the makeup of the carpet or fabric material and if the stain can be identified the outcome may be successful. If the outcome is not successful your money for the stain removal will be refunded.

Q: What is the best method of carpet cleaning?

A: There are several methods of carpet cleaning, which include dry-cleaning or steam cleaning and within steam cleaning there is portable and truck mount machines. Dry cleaning does dry much faster than steam cleaning, however carpet manufacturers strongly recommend steam cleaning because it has full extraction unlike dry cleaning. Apex uses only the most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment to ensure the most in-depth, deep penetrating carpet cleaning available. We want to do the job right the first time to ensure satisfaction.

Q: Does APEX use chemicals to clean?

A: While some carpet cleaning companies may advertise that they clean without chemicals, we advise you to do your research. Every carpet cleaning system uses some form of chemicals. Water is the basis of most cleaning solutions. An experienced cleaning tech will be using safe chemicals and will rinse the items to make sure that no chemical residues remain within the fibers. This is another reason why Apex uses only deep penetrating, truck mounted, steam cleaning equipment FULL EXTRACTION.

Q: Someone in my house has and allergy. Will the cleaning solvents be a problem?

A: Although cleaning methods depend mainly on water-based chemicals and solutions, you should always warn the technician ahead of time and let them know your specific allergy. We ensure that additional steps will be taken to make sure that the allergy sufferer will not have contact with the solvents. Another reason Apex uses only full extraction, truck mounted, steam cleaning equipment.

Q: Will my carpeting experience shrinking?

A: No, the manufactures have addressed this issue – it is no longer a concern. At Apex we do an inspection step to discuss any and all issues before we begin. One common issue is the tacking strips are not secure and needing anchoring. Sometimes this can create the illusion of shrinking because when your carpeting was first installed it was stretched into place and held there by the tacking strips. When this “connection” to the tacking strip fails the carpet relaxes back to its pre-stretched form.

Q: I have black lines all around the edge of my carpet – will they come out?

A: These black lines are known as filtration dirt and in most cases the answer is yes, they will come out. However, some cases may be too severe and have been neglected for too long to completely come out during the professional carpet cleaning, although even the worst cases will see a vast improvement. The source of the problem needs to be addressed to prevent future filtration dirt. Ask our technician about steps to address this issue.

Q: Does Apex clean Oriental Rugs?

A: Yes, our Phoenix carpet cleaning expert’s love working on unique, handcrafted treasures. We have the latest equipment at our disposal to provide a safe and quality rug cleaning. Rugs are just as important as carpet which means you should be getting your area rugs cleaned as often as you get your carpet cleaned!

Q: If things go wrong and my carpet gets damaged what can I expect from Apex?

A: You would be the first, however, if this unlikely event did happen, Apex is a fully licensed bonded and insured company. Your issue would be rectified to your complete satisfaction promptly. Apex also prides itself on having an outstanding record with both the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Registrar Of Contractors who could intervene in such cases. Apex has been voted “best carpet cleaning Phoenix Arizona”.

Q: Can our carpet and pad be salvaged after a flood?

A: We always say, time is of the essence in these situations; the faster the water cleanup process begins the greater the chances of saving the carpet and padding. If the water was clear the chances of rescue also increase however if sewage has flooded your home both will have to be removed and discarded for health and sanitation reasons. Our Mesa water clean-up experts have a remarkably high success rate because we have the industries best equipment to address such incidents. Our water extraction pro’s also have a very fast response time, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, which greatly improves our success rate.

Mesa Carpet Cleaners

Mesa Carpet CleanersAs the premier Mesa carpet cleaners, we know how important it is to continuously provide quality work for all of our customers. We want to help you keep you carpet for longer, which is why we encourage you to get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Depending on your personal home environment, i.e. pets, kids, entertainers, allergies, you may need to get your carpets cleaned more frequently.

Our Team, Our Service

All of our employees are fully IICRC certified and most have worked for APEX more than 3 years. We use only truck mounted machines in combination with a variety of the best chemicals in the marketplace today. They are considered to be the best products in our industry and we would use nothing less. We chose to provide the “Truck-Mounted” steam cleaning method, (also known as hot-water extraction). The reason we chose this precise method is because it is the only method that cleans deep down into the carpet fibers, to “cleanse” out unhealthy contaminants. This method is recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturers – as a matter of fact – some stain and wear warranties require your carpets to be professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis.

In addition to providing Mesa with the best carpet cleaning services available, we also offer affordable Mesa carpet repair and water damage restoration. Whatever your carpet needs may be, Apex is the company to call. For Mesa cleaners or professionally cleaning anywhere in the greater Phoenix region, contact us today!