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Can all stains come out?

Most stains will come out during the cleaning process. Some of the more difficult stains may require some specialist treatment to deal with them. Success at removing these difficult types of stains can be diminished by home remedies that have been applied before our technician arrives. The technicians at Apex will know the makeup of the carpet or fabric material and if the stain can be identified the outcome may be successful. If the outcome is not successful your money for the stain removal will be refunded.

What is the best method of carpet cleaning?

There are several methods. Dry-cleaning or steam cleaning and within steam cleaning there is portable and truck mount machines. Dry cleaning does dry much faster than steam cleaning, however carpet manufacturers strongly recommend steam cleaning because it has full extraction unlike dry cleaning. Apex uses only the most powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment to ensure the most in-depth, deep penetrating carpet cleaning available.

How often do I need to clean my carpets?

The general rule is once a year, but it really depends on how much traffic you have in your home. We have the official EPA schedule on our web site.

Does APEX use chemicals to clean?

Every carpet cleaning system uses some form of chemicals. Water is the basis of most cleaning solutions. An experienced cleaning tech will be using safe chemicals and will rinse the items to make sure that no chemical residues remain within the fibers. This is another reason why Apex uses only deep penetrating, truck mounted, steam cleaning equipment FULL EXTRACTION.

Someone in my house has and allergy. Will the cleaning solvents be a problem?

Cleaning methods depend mainly on water-based chemicals but the technician should be aware of the allergy. Additional steps will be taken to make sure that the allergy sufferer will not have contact with the solvents. Another reason Apex uses only full extraction, truck mounted, steam cleaning equipment.

Will my carpeting experience shrinking?

No, the manufactures have addressed this issue – it is no longer a concern. At Apex we do an inspection step to discuss any and all issues before we begin. One common issue is the tacking strips are not secure and needing anchoring. Sometimes this can create the illusion of shrinking because when your carpeting was first installed it was stretched into place and held there by the tacking strips. When this “connection” to the tacking strip fails the carpet relaxes back to its pre-stretched form.

I have black lines all around the edge of my carpet – will they come out?

This is called filtration dirt and in most cases the answer is yes but it depends on the severity. Even the worst cases will see a vast improvement but the source of the problem needs to be addressed to prevent future filtration dirt. Ask our technician about steps to address this issue.

Does Apex clean Oriental Rugs?

Yes, our Phoenix carpet cleaning expert’s love working on unique, handcrafted treasures. We have the latest equipment at our disposal to provide a safe and quality rug cleaning.

If things go wrong and my carpet gets damaged what can I expect from Apex?

You would be the first, however, if this unlikely event did happen, Apex is a fully licensed bonded and insured company. Your issue would be rectified to your complete satisfaction promptly. Apex also prides itself on having an outstanding record with both the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Registrar Of Contractors who could intervene in such cases. Apex has been voted “best carpet cleaning Phoenix Arizona”.

Why is mold growing in my home?

There are many different types of mold but they all require moisture or water to grow. Mold may begin to grow indoors when mold spores land on wet surfaces.

Can mold cause health problems?

Molds have the potential to cause health problems because they produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins). Inhaling or touching mold can cause allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to mold.

How can I get rid of mold?

Mold will not grow without moisture; controlling indoor moisture levels can prevent indoor mold growth. If there is mold growing in your home, you should clean it up and fix the water problem. If you clean up the mold, but don’t fix the water problem the mold problem will most likely come back.

Who should cleanup mold?

If the moldy area is less than 10 square feet (roughly a 3 ft. by 3 ft. patch), you can in most cases handle the job yourself. Larger areas should be handled by a mold remediation professional.

What is tile cleaning?

Tile and grout flooring has become quite the “in thing” over the past few years. Most of us have been under the impression that these floors are relative maintenance free barring an occasional mopping which is not the case. In most cases it’s not the tile the tile that requires the cleaning but the grout.

I can’t get my grout clean – why is grout cleaning so difficult and what is grout anyway?

Grout is a mixture of cement, water and various sized aggregates. It is applied between the tiles. Grout is a porous material which allows dirt and other microscopic organisms to become embedded deep below the surface where mopping simply cannot reach. This dirt and microscopic organisms continually build up over years lodging themselves in the pores leaving the grout looking dirty and unhealthy. It is these embedded particles that you cannot remove with typical cleaning remedies. Apex uses industrial strength, 220-degree, high pressure, full extraction, truck-mounted steam to remove even the deepest embedded particles. Our Phoenix tile cleaning experts go way beyond mopping for that deep down cleaning that brings your tile and grout back to beautiful.

Now that my grout cleaning is finished should I apply a sealer to keep it looking great?

In a word YES! It’s essential to preserving the natural beauty. We want all those troublesome pores to be filled and sealed to prevent future corruption of the beauty of your tile floor. You will want to apply this sealing process A.S.A.P. to prevent encasing any new debris in the grout. Ask your Phoenix grout cleaning technician about this important prevention service.

How many coats of sealer do I need for my grout?

Just one, a second coat will not penetrate beyond the first.

How long does it take for the sealer to dry?

After 2-3 hours you can walk on the floor but keep the grout dry for a minimum of 7 days to ensure complete curing of the sealer and avoid any harsh scrubbing of the grout for 3 weeks.

What are enhancer sealers?

Enhancers are used to give floors a richer, deeper look. However, we have seen enhancer sealers damage floors more often than not. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of enhancers. Through our full extraction, deep cleaning process, we are able to achieve a richer, deeper looking floor naturally. A properly cleaned and sealed tile floor will bring out the natural colors of the floor.

Can I get just my upholstery cleaned by Apex?

Yes, as a matter of fact Apex has been voted Phoenix’s best upholstery cleaning company.

Will cleaning my upholstery change the color of my fabric?

No, in fact we pre-test and use neutral cleaning solutions on delicate fabrics.

Can Apex apply upholstery protection like Scotch Guard or DuPont?

Yes, we highly recommend it. In many cases upholstery gets more wear and tear than carpeting; it’s a wise investment.

Can Apex get all upholstery stains out?

About 90% of the time the answer is yes. We carry a wide variety of specialty cleaning solvents to address even the most stubborn stains. Urine and coffee stains are what our acid spotters are for and enzymes are used for food and juice stains. If your upholstery gets stained try blotting it with water and a clean white cloth, common household cleaners could make it worse and irremovable.

How long will it take for my upholstery to dry?

Apex uses superior truck-mounted equipment with unrivaled vacuum power to remove most of the water during the cleaning process. After the cleaning, high speed air movers are used to speed up the drying time. Our cleaning process and professional equipment allows us to achieve drying times of between 1-3 hours, but this depends on the type of fabric and its level of soiling.

Can I put my furniture cushion covers in the washing machine?

This is a big mistake that we see all too often. The zippers on your cushions are for installation of the inner foam cushioning material, not washing machines. Common effects of putting cushion covers in the washer are broken or damaged zippers, shrinkage, and discoloration of the fabrics.

Does Apex clean mattresses?

Yes, and we recommend you do get your mattress cleaned. Mattresses are used on a regular basis and despite the amount of time we spend on them; most of us overlook the mattress as part of our cleaning regimen. The average mattress contains well over 2 million dust mites, which are a common allergen, not to mention the millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds that can also be found where you sleep. Dirty mattresses can also aggravate bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, dramatis, and other skin disorders and allergic reactions. Having your mattress cleaned can improve your health, stop morning sneezing and decrease allergy flare-ups.

Can Apex clean leather upholstery?

Sorry, we do not offer this service at this time.

What can I do to minimize the damage to my home once I realize a flood is occurring?

First and foremost shut the main water supply valve to the home off. Next, turn off the electricity to avoid electrocution and call the water removal pro’s at Apex. We advise lifting the curtains off the floor, removing any keepsakes from under the beds and getting as much as possible up and off the wet carpeting or floor. Move items to a dry place and start clearing off tabletops and such until the room is clear. Our emergency flood clean-up experts will take over upon arrival.

Can our carpet and pad be salvaged after a flood?

Time is of the essence in these situations; the faster the water cleanup process begins the greater the chances of saving the carpet and padding. If the water was clear the chances of rescue also increase however if sewage has flooded your home both will have to be removed and discarded for health and sanitation reasons. Our Phoenix water clean-up experts have a remarkably high success rate because we have the industries best equipment to address such incidents. Our water extraction pro’s also have a very fast response time, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, which greatly improves our success rate.

Does APEX service my area?

Apex provides the same award winning service to the entire greater Phoenix Area.