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Urine Stains

Urine stains give your carpet an awful mark and a bad odor no matter if it is from a cat, dog, or a person, the longer the stain remains in your carpet the more difficult it becomes to remove. But not to worry by following the directions properly and patience these stains can be removed. Make sure to wear gloved for your safety when mixing solutions.

First, begin by creating a solution of white vinegar and warm water, pour it in a bottle, and then shake well to mix everything together. Next, spray the solution generously to the affected area. Make sure to apply enough of the solution so that the carpet is wet, this allows the solution to reach deep into the carpet fibers. Then, using a brush you must scrub the solution into the affected area (always make your way from the outer edges of the carpet to the center. This will prevent you from spreading the stain). Allow it dwell time of about 30 minutes. Then, using a white clean cloth blot the area to extract some of the solution and then leave to dry. Then, once the carpet has dried, add some baking soda to the affected area. Next, proceed by creating a mixture of liquid dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide in a bowl mix (before applying the solution to the carpet test in an inconspicuous area to avoid any damage to your carpet). Pour a bit to the dried affected area, and using your fingers gently rub the mixture into the carpet fibers, and then proceed to scrubbing the area with the brush again. Lastly, leave the area alone until it is completely dried. Once the carpet is dried vacuum the affected area and remove the remaining baking soda powder.

For this next method begin by rinsing the area using warm water and a sponge. When the area has been rinsed use a vacuum and with the wand strokes only, and then blot dry with a clean white rag (never use colored towels, this might cause the color from the towel to transfer onto your carpet and cause damage). Next, using a trigger sprayer apply an oxidizer to the affected area and allow dwell time. Lastly rinse by blotting area using a sponge and warm water and allow to dry.

If you do not feel comfortable getting rid of these stains yourself remember that you can always contact a professional for any advice. It is always best to know what kind of materials you are working with before applying any solutions to avoid damage.


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Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta

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