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The Importance of Getting Your Grout Sealed

How disappointed would you be if someone spilled something on your brand new tile and it seeped into your unsealed grout and permanently stained it? The importance of getting your grout sealed is to protect the integrity of the grout and keep your tiled floor looking brand new for as long as possible. By sealing your grout, you are already saving yourself from unwanted scrubbing and cleaning in attempts to remove dirt and grime build up and accidental stains. Grout sealing is considered the last step in finishing your newly tiled floor, and skipping this step would considerably diminish the look of your new tile in an extremely short amount of time. You should consider sealing your grout every 1-2 years depending on whether or not it is in a high traffic area of the home.

The importance of getting your grout sealed is clear.The Importance of Getting Your Grout Sealed

The Negatives to Unsealed Grout

If you choose to not seal your grout, you run the risk of getting permanent stains. Grout is made of a cement product that is then mixed with water to make a paste. Once that paste dries it become porous which makes the material vulnerable to any type of spillage. Grout stains easily, and if a liquid with dye is spilled and not cleaned up immediately, you run the risk of permanent discoloration. Some people we will try to clean grout with bleach to remove the stains, but this is not a full-proof plan for a number of reasons. Grout can be different colors, so bleach may not be the appropriate cleaning option, and oils that seep into the grout cannot be removed from the grout with bleach. Instead you would need to chip it away and regrout. The importance of getting your grout sealed is to eliminate these issues.

What kind of Grout Sealer is Available?

There are a number of different grout sealers that you can use on your tile. Listed below are some of the more popular grout sealer options.

Penetrating Grout Sealer:

This type of grout sealer penetrates straight into the grout, filling the porous material. This sealant is a great option for people looking to darken the color of their grout because it will add a slight tint to the original material. Penetrating grout sealer is great because it is a durable and thick coating that will help eliminate the danger of staining within your grout. It comes in different shades, so if you are looking to keep your grout its’ original color, you can easily invest in a non-tinted penetrating grout sealer.

Spray Grout Sealer:

Spray grout sealer should be done by a professional because it is easy to overspray onto your tile, which can be difficult to clean off. This sealant is great, however, because its’ application is fairly simple and less time consuming. It soaks in quickly to the grout, helping to protect it from dirt, stains, and oil.

Nonpenetrating Grout Sealer:

This sealant is great for places with a lot of moisture like showers or bathrooms. Nonpenetrating grout sealer forms a thick barrier over the grout which protects it from and repels moisture. Mold and mildew can spread quickly in warm, damp places, so using a nonpenetrating grout sealer will help to keep moisture out of the porous material. The only downside to this type of sealant is that it can look cloudy over time, but your sealant should be redone once every 2 years, which will help you avoid this discoloration issue.

Applicator Grout Sealer:

Applicator grout sealer is applied with a brush or roller applicator directly onto the grout. This sealant works because you are likely to not have to revisit any of the grout to reapply the sealant. The application process for this type of grout sealer is known for being painless and easy.

The Importance of Getting Your Grout Sealed

Sealing your grout is important for prolonging the life of both your grout and tile. Taking this extra step will make your tile look like new for quite some time. It will eliminate harsh scrubbing and cleaning in attempts to get rid of stains, oil, dirt and grime. You can easily do it yourself, or get a professional to apply the sealant every 1-2 years. The importance of getting your grout sealed is to maintain the integrity of your tile and grout, guaranteeing that your flooring is always in tip-top shape.