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How to Remove Pet Urine From Your Carpet The RIGHT Way

How to Remove Pet Urine From Your Carpet The RIGHT WayWe love our pets but sometimes accidents happen and they urinate on the carpet. When this happens, you have to act fast because if the liquid seeps through to the padding under the carpet, replacement may be necessary. In order to avoid replacing your carpet every time an accident happens with your pet, consider our tips and tricks on how to remove pet urine from your carpet the right way…and then, of course, call your local carpet cleaning company to come out and professionally clean your carpet as well.

Act Quickly

One of the most important things to remember when removing pet urine from your carpet is to act quickly. Urine can have a bleaching effect if not treated quickly. So not only will you begin to smell the urine on a regular basis, it can permanently stain your carpet, even after a professional cleaning. Even if you don’t have the proper cleaning solutions for your carpet, soaking up the liquid quickly can help stop it from seeping through to the padding beneath, causing even more damage. Once the liquid has reached the padding, it is unlikely that even a professional cleaning will rid the carpet completely of the urine. Those stains that seem to reappear in the same spot days, weeks, or months after you have had your carpets professionally cleaned are not carpet stains, but rather padding stains that continue to make their way to the surface. If you want to avoid this from happening to you, ACT QUICKLY.

Have The RIGHT Cleaning Solutions on Hand

Whether your pet has accidents often or you just want to be prepared, make sure to pick up a cleaning solution that has pro-enzymatic technology. This type of cleaning solution is specific for urine because it activates on contact with the soiled carpet. The great thing about this type of solution is that it continues to work against the stain until the odor is neutralized. When working with a solvent like this, be sure to remove as much access liquid as possible before spraying on the solution. Each cleaning solution with pro-enzymatic technology will have specific instructions based on their tested formula, follow the instructions closely and then call your local carpet cleaner to come out ASAP to professionally clean the entire area.

Accidents Happen, Stains can be Missed

Pets can be sneaky so if you don’t see the accident right away, there are alternative steps that need to be taken. The BEST solution for ridding your carpet of old urine stains is to call a professional carpet cleaner. The deep clean they provide is going to be much more sufficient in getting the stain and smell out completely than any at home remedy BUT you can take additional steps to help prior to their arrival. You will want to use a carpet stain remover to help neutralize the smell and get rid of the stain on the carpet itself. Make sure to avoid using steam to clean the stain as heat will actually permanently set the stain and odor into the carpet fibers. This is one of the most important ways of how to remove pet urine from your carpet the right way.

Check Surrounding Areas

Often times we see a stain and clean only that area, but this is a big mistake. If there is furniture or even a wall near the stain, you will want to check that surrounding area for any backsplash that may have occurred when your pet had the accident. Not checking the surrounding area can result in the area still smelling of urine and may encourage your pet to continue having accidents in that same area.

How to Remove Pet Urine From Your Carpet The RIGHT Way

These simple steps mentioned above are important in terms of how to remove pet urine from your carpet the right way. While we always encourage our clients to call us as soon as they see an accident on the floor, we know that it is not always possible to come out and clean the carpets immediately. This is why we provide simple steps to help eliminate odors and stains until we can come out and deep clean the carpets to ensure that all stains have been successfully removed.

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