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How to Keep Your Carpet Cleaner for Longer

How to Keep Your Carpet Cleaner for LongerWe all love getting our carpets professionally cleaned as it adds a brightness and the feeling of purity throughout the home but right when the carpet cleaners leave, we are often left wondering how we can keep our carpets cleaner for longer after getting them professionally cleaned? There is nothing better than fresh, clean carpets, knowing that dirt, grime, and allergens have all been removed from our floors. We want that new, clean smell and fresh look to last as long as possible. We are here to provide you with a few simple tips and tricks as to how to keep your carpet cleaner for longer after a professional clean.

Vacuum Regularly

This one seems simple and self explanatory yet it is so often forgotten. Vacuuming regularly is so important for a number of reasons:

  • Removes dirt from the surface and prevents it from sinking deep into the carpet fibers where only a professional clean can remove it.
  • Helps in longevity of the carpet itself by removing particles that can damage carpet fiber.
  • Helps remove allergens which is particularly important for anyone suffering from allergies.
  • Helps to remove pet dander and fur.

Vacuuming weekly is ideal, but for higher traffic areas, such as entry ways and hallways, 2-3 times a week may be necessary. Also, this shouldn’t be a quick little job, the slower you go, the more precision in your vacuums ability to pick up unwanted dirt.

Spills Should Never Be Left For Later

Whether it is a spill or an accident by a pet, any liquid that makes its way onto your carpet should never be left for later. The second you notice any unwanted liquid on your carpet, it should be cleaned up right away and the appropriate solvent should be used. The quicker the liquid is removed from the carpet the better because you want to avoid it seeping into the pads underneath the carpet itself. Usually when stains are left too long, they will soak into the pads and resurface again and again after professional cleanings. The best way to avoid permanent staining is to be quick to clean them up.

Rugs and Mats are Everything

After you get your carpets professionally cleaned, one of the most effective ways as to how to keep your carpet cleaner for longer is to use area rugs and door mats at all entry points. Whether you force everyone to remove their shoes upon entering your home or not, door mats utilized both inside and outside of the door are a huge help to keep dirt from making its way onto your newly cleaned carpet. Also, utilizing area rugs in high traffic areas can help keep your carpets cleaner for longer as well as help in the overall longevity of the material.

The Baking Soda Trick

While many people use carpet powders to reduce odor, these solutions actually cause damage to your carpet fibers over time. Instead, sprinkle baking soda over your carpet prior to vacuuming. It works as an odor minimizer but is a better solution for your carpet.

Don’t Forget Your Regular Cleanings

How to Keep Your Carpet Cleaner for LongerOnce you notice your carpet beginning to look dingy and spotted again, make sure to call your local carpet cleaner to come out and professionally clean your floors. It is important to get regular carpet cleaning to help maintain the overall look and feel of your carpet while also removing dirt and allergens from the carpet. Here at Apex Carpet Cleaning, we only use the best products to professionally clean our customer’s carpet. We ensure spectacular service all around and would be happy to get your carpets back looking like new in just one visit! If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Phoenix or any surrounding city, make sure to give us a call today!