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Carpet Repair VS Carpet Replacement

Carpet repair vs carpet replacementAll flooring options require maintenance and upkeep in order to keep them looking new and perpetually clean, but some materials are harder to maintain and thus we are often forced to replace vs repair. With carpet, many people choose to replace their entire carpet instead of opting for simple repairs, purely based on the fact that they don’t know repair options are available. Purchasing brand new carpet is no cheap feat, so before you take the plunge, call your local carpet repair company to check out the damage and see if they can help you. Listed below are things to consider when thinking about carpet repair vs carpet replacement.

How Big is the Damaged Piece of Carpet

The size of the damaged piece of carpet will play a big role when deciding between carpet repair vs carpet replacement. If you or anyone in your home uses a curling iron, flat iron, or iron for clothes, and has accidentally dropped it on the floor while it was on and left it their long enough to leave a burn mark, those stains may seem impossible to remove. While a cleaning solution will not remove those stains, a simple carpet repair can be the best, most inexpensive repair option. Carpet repair companies can easily remove small portions of carpet and patch it with another piece of identical carpet.

*Note that when getting NEW carpet, you should request an extra piece of carpet to keep on hand in case small repairs are needed. This will eliminate you having to purchase a small piece of carpet and hope it matches correctly. When you get new carpet installed, as they cut it according to the size of each room, extra pieces will be available for you to keep.

Spills and Water Damage


If you have recently spilled some type of liquid, even the worst of them all like red wine our fruit punch, the stains may be impossible to completely get out. After calling your local carpet cleaner to remove the stain, if you notice that there is still a tint of pink residue left in your carpet, a repair may be your next option. There is no need to replace the entire carpet for one stain. Again, carpet repair companies can remove just that stained section of carpet and replace it with the leftover carpet you have on hand, making the cuts seamless so you won’t even notice where the carpet has been replaced.

Water Damage

If you have had the unfortunate occurrence of a flood or water damage do to a large leak, carpet replacement is most likely going to be your best option. With large amounts of water making its way into your carpet, you run the risk of the under-layers getting soaked and causing mold or rotting. Even the slightest bit of water damage can cause mold to grow which is what homeowners want to avoid at all costs.

If you do have water damage, you must remove the carpet as quickly as possible and then remove any excess water left on the bottom layer of the flooring. The quicker the floor dries, the less chance of mold forming. When water damage happens to your carpet, you may not have to replace the carpet entirely, but the padding underneath the carpet must be replaced. The carpet itself can be cleaned by a professional cleaner, and reinstalled after major water damage, but in most cases, the carpet itself will need to be replaced too. Call a professional to come out and assess the damage to see if carpet repair vs carpet replacement is needed after your water damage issue.

Ripples or Bumps in the Carpet

Through the years, even if you took the best care of your carpet, you may start to notice small bumps or rippling in your carpet. If this is the case, don’t automatically assume you need new carpet. Often times this is caused by lack of adhesive to the padding under the carpet. It is smart to call out local carpet repair company to re-stretch the carpet and attach it appropriately so that it no longer ripples in certain high traffic areas. A lot of people will notice one issue with their carpet and automatically assume they need to replace it, when that simply is not the case. Don’t rush to assumptions, especially if your carpet is newer or looks like it is in great condition aside from a small issue here and there. Ripples and bumps in carpet do not necessarily mean replacement is in your future.

New Home, New Carpet

If you have recently purchased a home and the carpets were installed by different owners, you may not need new flooring installed, but rather a professional cleaning done to them. This is purely up to you, however. When you purchase a home that had previous owners, you never really know what you are getting with the carpets. You may wonder how often they were really cleaned professionally, if they had animals that had accidents on the carpet that may not be visible, did they wear their shoes on the carpet constantly? Each of these questions may cause you to want to purchase new carpet and that is completely understandable. Although simple repairs can be made, there truly is nothing like fresh new carpet in your newly purchased home.

Carpet Repair VS Carpet Replacement

The best thing to do when considering carpet repair vs carpet replacement is to call a professional to assess the damage. Carpet cleaning and repair companies see the worst of the worst and will be able to give you an honest opinion about whether or not your carpet needs to be replaced entirely. The decision doesn’t come lightly, especially when it comes to something as costly as new flooring.

If you are looking for a carpet repair company in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area, call Apex today! We are happy to help in any way we can and will always give you our honest opinion about the damage done to your carpet.