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Alleviating Your Indoor Summer Allergies

Alleviating Your Indoor Summer Allergies

Alleviating Your Indoor Summer Allergies

Summer is here and the one thing everyone dreads the most is back, summer allergies. And they are back in your carpet with a vengeance.

Summer allergies? Aren’t allergies associated with Spring and Fall?

According to allergist Richard Weber, MD, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, “Contrary to popular belief, seasonal allergies don’t only strike in the spring and fall months, allergies are also common in the summer and can even last year-round for some sufferers.”

This is why that summer cold you always notice is not an actual cold. It may actually be allergens that you find outside in your carpet. And of course your typical indoor allergens, such as dust mites.

Great news!

Even though your summer allergies are a nuisance , there are many ways to manages your carpet allergens, like regularly using a carpet cleaning professional. However, the first step is to know the allergens that are lingering in your carpet. Then, you can set a plan of action.

Let’s take a look at some these allergens and ways you can manage your summer allergies:

Summer Allergies Cause by the Allergens in Your Carpet

Your carpet is the ideal place for allergens to hide. It is pretty much an allergen filter. It traps the allergens and keep them from going airborne. So isn’t that a good thing? Indeed!

Since your carpet tends to trap allergens, removing them with proper carpet cleaning techniques should be a cinch. This should definitely help your summer allergies.

Let’s put like this, your carpet is like your favorite pair of jeans. You wear them, they get dirty and eventually you have to wash them. You should apply the same concept to your carpet. Your carpet gets walked on by people and pets, whom also help bring in outside allergens, and like your pair of jeans, you need to regularly clean your carpet.

Because knowing is half the battle, here is a list of common summer allergens that you may find in carpet:

Dust Mite

Dust mites, also referred to as bed mites, are the most common indoor allergen that cause allergy from house dust. Their particles are usually found in pillows, mattresses, upholstery and especially in carpets. They tend to float in the air when the carpet is walked on and vacuumed. They are also one of the primary causes of asthma in children.

Fungi (Mold and Mildew)

Two fungi that you may find in your carpet are mold and mildew. The spores, also known as seeds, can travel through the air and into your home. Some of the spores can actually spread in dry, windy weather, like in monsoon season in Arizona, and other spores may spread high humidity areas like Florida. Surprisingly, they are common from July to early fall, but can occur year round.


Pet dander is a tiny flake of dead, dry skin that fall off cats or dogs. Since pet dander is light in nature, they can become airborne when your pets start to shed its fur. Pet dander can easily be spread by shedding or by the touch. But it doesn’t stop there. Pet saliva and urine can also create an allergic reaction when combined with household dust, especially feathery friends.


Eww, gross!

Believe it or not, some people actually develop cockroach allergies. Most of the exposure to cockroaches occur in public areas. They can also be found in all types of apartment buildings and homes. This is due to the tiny particles from cockroaches that mixed in with your household dust, which is pretty common.


Take Control of Your Summer Allergies

Now that you have a good idea as to the type of allergens that you may find in your carpet, we can take a look at some of the ways you can decrease the amount of carpet allergen in your home:

Take Your Shoes Off

Limiting the dirt intrusion will help ease some the outside allergen that may come in. You should start by placing a doormat for everyone to wipe their feet.Then, urge your guests to take their shoes off before they come in. The more you and your guests follow this rule, the better chance you will have to cut the amount of dirt, grass, grime, and moisture from coming into your home.

Vacuum Regularly

Regularly vacuuming about once or twice a week will help removes dirt and allergens from your rugs while preventing excessive wear on your carpet. Typically, you should use a vacuum that has three stage HEPA filter.

Get a Deeper Clean From a Professional

In conjunction to regular vacuuming, scheduling a carpet cleaning professional, like Apex Carpet Cleaning, once or twice a year will help extract deep embedded dirt and allergens that your regular vacuum can’t reach.


Your carpet is a very expensive investment that you will make for your home. So why let your summer allergies get the best of you. Get rid of your indoor summer allergies today and go allergy-free. For more information contact Apex Carpet Cleaning at 602.252.8383 or simply fill the online form.

Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta

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