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Mustard, turmeric, and Curry stains

Mustard and curry contain turmeric, and gives them that yellowish color. When getting some on your carpet they are particularly eye catching, especially if you have a light colored carpet. Here are some methods you can try using to remove these types of stains. The results of these procedures vary depending on what previous treatments have been performed on the stain, how long the stain has been there unattended, and your treatment technique. Because these are difficult stains to remove, don’t hesitate to call a professional for advice.

Begin by carefully blotting the affected area with a white towel. Remember to always make your way in from the outer layers and do not rub the area to prevent spreading. Mix dish washing soap and water, and blot the area again with another clean towel. Repeat this process one more time, then rinse the area by adding cold water and pat dry with a towel. If the stain is gone, you can vacuum the carpet when dry. If the stain is still visible, proceed by mixing hydrogen peroxide and dish washing soap. This will create a paste. You can use a butter knife, or a spatula to apply the paste on the affected area. (Make sure you test this paste in a conspicuous area before applying on the stain, to avoid any damage to your carpet.)Then, you will need to use a steam iron to apply steam heat. You must hold the iron just close enough to the stain to where the steam can reach it and leave for about 30 seconds. Next, use a sponge and dip in cold water and then blot the area, then with a dry towel pat carpet dry.

For this second method begin by applying a solvent to the area and moderately agitate. Next, rinse the area with hot water extraction and then blot dry with towel. You then have to apply an oxidizer to the affected area only and then cover with a moderately wet towel. You will have to use an iron set at the lowest steam setting and place it on the towel to transfer heat to the stain. Check the stain every 15 seconds until the stain is no longer visible. Be very careful and check the carpet for any color loss. If you find that the carpet is losing color, remove the iron immediately. If the color is faintly visible, then you must not have removed all of the mustard substance from the carpet before you began procedure. This is very common with difficult mustard stains and might be the best result you will get with this type of stain. Repeating the steps might get rid of more of the yellowish color, but you might risk loss of carpet color.

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Rich Sparta

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