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Blood stains can be especially difficult to remove because the hemoglobin in the blood which adheres with the fibers in your carpet when it hits the air and binds . As with any stain removal technique, you will want to try a test application on a small, inconspicuous spot to be sure it does not damage the color or fibers of your carpet. The most effective chemical is to use is a microbial .
If you happen to be at a pets mart look for the cleaning section and you will see a product called “Natures Miracle” this is the most common cleaning chemical known to a pet owner. Microbial’s are simply a bacteria that eats other bacteria. When massive oil spills happen in say the gulf region microbials are used to clean it up or you can think of the video game pac-man as an example. When you use a microbial or “Natures Miracle” pour the chemical on the stain and if possible lay plastic or saran wrap over the stain. The longer it is wet the better it works remember microbials are a live bacteria that only works when it stays wet, once it dries the chemical will not work.
Easy to clean up? You might say ….sure but like a horror movie blood stains have a tendency to come back. If that does happen, not to worry simply wipe the stain with a wet towel and repeat the process. If the stain still persists then spray hydrogen peroxide and let sit and then wipe any residue left over.
Much has been said that once blood dries or sets it will be hard to remove however that has not been my experience. Grabbing a cocktail of cleaning agents under the kitchen sink can actually set a blood stains. especially low ph or acid chemicails.
If you happen to have a massive blood stains it can be difficult to get out without a truck mount carpet cleaning machine, then it’s time to call a professional.


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Rich Sparta

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