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Adhesive Residue on carpet

An adhesive is a chemical, typically liquid or semi-liquid, that adheres or bonds items together. Adhesives come from either natural or synthetic sources. Adhesive come from glue on tape, masking tape, duct tape ect. but it can come in many forms, Drying adhesives, Pressure sensitive adhesives, Contact adhesives, Hot adhesives, Multi-part adhesives, One-part adhesives, Natural adhesives and Synthetic adhesives. If it is used on carpet for whatever reason let say as a protector for paint or to do a quick patch up job on ripped carpet residue will remain on the carpet in a matter of days if it’s let to sit.
It is first important to understand what the chemical makeup of glue is. Adhesives are primarily a made petroleum based chemical so the best chemical to use is a petroleum based product. . As with any stain removal technique, you will want to try a test application on a small, inconspicuous spot to be sure it does not damage the color or fibers of your carpet. The most commonly used product is “Goof Off” which can be found at any Home Depot or failing that you can use tighter fluid.
Simply apply the chemical on to the effective area then use a ruff surface I.E a hair brush, comb or a green scratch pad then vigorously rub the area until the adhesive is gone. After the adhesive has been lifted use a rag to wipe off any remaining residue or if you have a wet vac, use that because it is more effective in getting rid of any chemical left over.
It is important to remember why any residue is bad for carpet. In most cases residue is sticky and can attract dust, dirt or any particulate to the carpet thus creating a new stain .

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Rich Sparta

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