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The Different Advantages Of Carpet Cleaning

When considering the issue of carpet cleaning, it is always important to evaluate the various options available from different cleaning services.  By examining a variety of choices, you will have the opportunity of choosing the best option for your needs.  From steam cleaning to low-moisture cleaning, it is recommended you inquire as to which would be the best for your carpet.  It is also recommended that you utilize the services of more professional and well-known companies as they are generally more trustworthy and knowledgeable.  However, it always helps to have some initial knowledge of the different methods before meeting with a carpet cleaner.


1. The Gas Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Method

This type of carpet cleaning procedure is one of the more common and popular carpet cleaning options.  The process of cleaning uses either a truck engine or independent gas engine which then drives a vacuum and water pump.  The gas truck mount carpet cleaner has the greatest capacity when compared to other methods, as well as the highest degrees of heat.  They are generally most preferred for larger cleaning requirements due to the efficiency and speed. However, they can be used in smaller homes due to the convenience as you will need to run only two hoses into the residence instead of full cleaning equipment.

Despite the convenience and effectiveness of this cleaning method, truck mounted cleaning has received negative feedback.  This can be overcome by doing research into the company being used and ensuring they are licensed, bonded, insured and certified by a carpet cleaning authority such as the I.I.C.R.C or Carpet and Rug Institute.


2. The Dry Cleaning Method

The dry cleaning carpet cleaning method is very well known and used by many large companies.  The advantages of this method are the speed and convenience as one is not required to wait for carpets to dry.  This reduces the time between cleaning and results.  However, steam cleaning will require a degree of carpet rinsing; thus a prolonged period of carpet drying.  If the company chooses a steam cleaning procedure it is recommended additional drying services are hired, especially if there is little time available for carpet drying.

Although advantageous, the dry cleaning method does have some limitations and restrictions to be considered.  Despite being convenient, this is not the ideal cleaning method for permanent removal of stains and spills.  It may be used as a temporary solution, but the ideal cleaning method to remove stains in steam cleaning; however, dry cleaning must be used in conjunction with steam cleaning should this method be used.


3. The Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

In addition to a surface cleaning, the professional carpet cleaning method is able to provide an inspection and removal of microscopic items residing within the carpet.  These may include things like dust mites.  Dust mites are microscopic insects that infest warm, unclean surfaces like dusty carpets and mattresses.  While dust mites are not dangerous in themselves, they do defecate and shed body fragments which can instigate allergic reactions.  A professional steam clean is the best solution to the dust mite problem, with the carpet being exposed to high temperatures which will eliminate the mites.


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