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The Benefits To Hiring A Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Team

Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Vs PocarpetCleaningrtable Carpet Cleaning

When choosing to clean your carpets there are a lot of variables to consider. Often you may overlook the actual system that is being used to clean your carpets. This can be a mistake because not all systems are created equally. Truck mounted cleaning systems perform better and will give your better results.

When looking at professional carpet cleaning systems there are usually two different options. These options are either portable or truck mounted. Portable systems look much like your in-home carpet cleaners. Truck mounted systems are a series of hoses, tubes, and tanks attached to a truck or van.

Both of these systems will use similar chemicals and methods. Both options will give you a clean carpet and can generally be done within a day. Furthermore, both of these systems are considered professional.

There are places where the truck mounted system will outshine the portable system. These usually concern time, level of clean, and ease of use. For this reason this method may be a little more expensive. While the price may be higher, the time taken is usually drastically shorter giving you more time in your home or business.

While portable carpet cleaning systems will give you a clean appearance, they won’t always give you the best results. The most thorough cleaning can be had by using a truck mounted cleaning system. This is in part because of the permanent status of the equipment. Portable systems sacrifice some utility in order to be easier to use.

A Phoenix truck mounted cleaning system will give you better suction throughout the whole process. This affects cleaning, drying time, and reduces the need for extra chemicals. All of these things combined make the truck mounted system a safer bet when cleaning your carpet.

The increased suction means that moisture removal is more complete with these systems. This means that your carpet will dry much faster. Usually truck mounted systems don’t need to use fans to dry your carpet. Because of the reduced moisture, your carpet can be used faster with these systems.

Truck mounted systems are also faster overall. Instead of having to change equipment, water, or outlets, truck mounted systems can be used continuously. This means that the overall cleaning time can be much shorter. This allows you to get back to using your home or business much faster.

These systems also have a greater capacity. This means they can often get material that portable systems would miss. For this reason they are more effective at cleaning your whole carpet and removing any reside other methods might leave behind. This also allows for more complete removal of all liquids and chemicals used giving you a more child and pet friendly carpet.

When choosing between the methods of carpet cleaning, it can be easy to see the benefits a truck mounted system can give you. For a relatively small price increase you can ensure better quality results in your carpet. Better quality results mean your carpet will look better longer. Overall the truck mounted method will give you the best value for your carpet cleaning. You can read more tips and questions by visiting our FAQ page here.