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How to Remove Pet Dander from Carpet

How to remove pet dander from your carpetPet Dander and Being a Good Pet Parent

Any responsible pet owner with carpet in the home needs to be aware of how to remove pet dander from carpet. Pet dander is an allergen and respiratory irritant and can easily trigger reactions in people who are especially sensitive to environmental allergens, especially asthmatics. Even those without allergies can develop an allergic reaction to pet dander in carpets. Responsible pet owners know how to take care of their pets as well as the humans that live with the pets, so knowing how to remove pet dander from carpet is an important part of being a good pet parent.

What is Pet Dander?

Pet dander is made up of microscopic pet hair or feathers and dead skin cells from the pet. This dander falls from pets frequently into carpets, furniture, and gets in the air through the air duct system. Regular vacuuming and dusting will help to keep dander exposure to a minimum, but removing pet dander from carpets completely takes a little bit more effort than just a quick run of the vacuum.

Where does the Dander Go?

Pet dander settles to the bottom of carpet fibers and becomes embedded in a carpet. Simple vacuuming usually cannot remove pet dander from carpet completely. Vacuuming can even stir up this deeply seated pet dander, flinging the dander into the air, where it is either inhaled or settles back onto the carpet or onto furniture, curtains, or other items in the room.

Removing Pet Dander from Carpet

Vacuum Thoroughly

Using a vacuum with beater bars and a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter helps in reaching all the pet dander in a carpet and keeping it out of the environment during vacuuming. For even more filtering, place one unscented dryer sheet over the air exhaust of the vacuum. To keep dander in the air from landing on the carpet during vacuuming, invest in a HEPA air purifier, keep blinds and curtains clean and dust-free, and ensure all surfaces, knick-knacks, walls, and pictures are dusted and cleaned regularly.

Vacuum the carpet or rug with shorter strokes, approximately three to four feet in length. Run the vacuum over the carpet back and forth, side to side, and diagonally. Be sure to cover each area several times. Move furniture that can be moved to ensure full coverage of the carpet area. Carefully empty the vacuum bag or bin as soon as it gets full.

Shampoo Carpet

Follow a thorough vacuuming with a good carpet shampooing. Shampooing your carpet will extract the remaining pet dander from deep in the rugs fibers. Purchase, rent, or borrow a carpet shampooer, using nearly any type of carpet shampoo that is compatible with your carpet. Mild shampoos are best for households with pets (and children).

Other Tips

If a carpet shampooer isn’t readily available, spray the carpet with a mixture of fabric softener and water. The carpet should be only lightly damp. Vacuum once more as above. You could also blow up a balloon and run the balloon along the carpet. Both methods will help to remove pet dander from carpet but will not remove the dander entirely.

Since most dander attaches to dust particles, regular dusting with an eco-friendly will help keep dander to a minimum between vacuuming. Consistent, regular vacuuming is needed to remove pet dander from carpet long-term. Consider also ant-dander shampoo for your dogs or cats.


Pet dander can be an allergen even to those without allergies. Overexposure to pet dander can lead to respiratory and other allergen-related issues, even in those without allergies. In addition to cough, sneezing, and runny nose, pet dander in carpets can lead to eczema, rash, or itchy and watery eyes.

Controlling the amount of pet dander in your home will make you and your guests healthier and able to breathe easier. The key to keeping dander under control is consistency.

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