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How to Clean Carpets With All Available Tools

Cleaning carpets is an intricate science. Without professional assistance, it can seem nearly impossible to remove some of the stains and marks that are left during daily life. However, the truth is that professional carpet cleaning can be achieved entirely without any actually work from a professional. All you need to do is learn what the professionals already know.


The Classic Debate

Why Clean Your Carpets RegularlyThere has always been a strong dialogue concerning the most effective carpet cleaning tools and equipment. Some people vouch for the vacuum as the most important, while others believe steamers are required to do the real work. Instead of competing, what you really need to do is use all of these available tools.

Different pieces of carpet cleaning equipment have their own unique purposes. A vacuum and a steam cleaner utilize two very different techniques to get the job done, and thus have very different results when it comes to cleaner. Neither is more important than other. Both must be used regularly to keep your carpet as clean as possible.


Cleaning With The Vacuum

Of these two debated tools, the vacuum is definitely the more frequently used of the two. A carpet needs to be vacuumed at least once a week in low-traffic areas and more in high-traffic areas. This helps keep all of the surface debris removed from the carpet, thus prolonging its expected lifespan. Neglecting regular vacuuming will cause an unfortunate buildup of debris and grit that cuts carpet fibers and destroys the infrastructure of your investment.

Vacuuming should never be a fast process. It takes fairly slow movements for the motors to effectively suck up all of the dirt beneath the mouth. This is more apparent when you are working with a plush carpet where dirt can embed itself fairly deep. Moving slowly ensures the vacuum has enough time to suck up all of the remaining dirt.


Using The Steam Cleaner

The vacuum may be used more frequently, but the steam cleaner certainly has the more noticeable impact. A steam cleaner works by pushing pressurized steam onto the dirt and grime built up deep within the carpet fibers. It basically destroys everything that the vacuum cleaner didn’t catch. The higher the heat of the steam, the more effective the cleaning solution will be.

Steam cleaning takes significantly longer to complete than vacuuming, but isn’t required with as much frequency. Steam cleaning your carpets about once every three months is enough to suffice for the average homeowner, but you may need more or less depending on your situation.

Your carpet works as a giant air filter for your home. When you fail to clean your carpet as much as you should, all of the dirt deposited by the air gets trapped and the air filter stops working. Without that working filter, potentially harmful allergens and airborne pests can find their way inside your lungs. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, then this could spell serious disaster. Take the time to regularly vacuum and steam clean your carpet to prevent an accident from occurring.


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