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3 Video Tips for Cleaning Carpets Yourself from YouTube

Tips for Cleaning Your Carpets Yourself

If you are searching for a few tips to clean your carpets, the advice below is an excellent place to begin. While a professional will be required for your annual or seasonal deep cleaning, the tips below can be used to spot clean as needed.

The fact is that deep cleaning and stubborn stains will require the expertise of professional carpet cleaners. However, these carpet cleaning DIY tips can be a first line of defense.

DIY Carpet Cleaner #1

This DIY carpet cleaner uses 3 simple ingredients you likely have at home—dish soap, vinegar, and ammonia. Even if you don’t like the smell of ammonia (who does?), this recipe only calls for just 1 teaspoon in a ¾ cup mixture. What makes this recipe unique is the ingredients are added to a foam dispenser. This means that instead of spraying or pouring chemicals on the affected area, you only use a small amount. Using a foam also eliminates the moisture that occurs with most homemade solutions. While this mixture may not work on wine or other stubborn stains, it is perfect for high traffic areas. Keep in mind that you do not want to apply ammonia to wool.

DIY Carpet Cleaner #2

Sometimes your carpets look clean, but they don’t smell too good. So, why not deodorize your carpet? You have probably seen carpet deodorizers in the cleaning section, but they often come in overpowering floral aromas. In the video below, you will learn how plain and inexpensive baking soda can deodorize your carpets. The video also shows 9 other DIY uses for baking soda. The experts say this carpet cleaning DIY is a keeper! As an added bonus, this cleaning method will clean and deodorize the interior of your vacuum cleaner.

DIY Carpet Cleaner #3

This last video was posted on the queen of home and garden, Martha Stewart’s, YouTube channel. This video shares several tips on how to clean your carpets at home. While you can see the methods used are effective, there are several variables that must be taken into consideration. This includes: the type of carpet you have, how old your carpet is, the type of spill, and how long the spill was left to set before removal. While it won’t hurt to follow the advice in this video, the methods simply will not work on every stain.


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