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Caring for your Carpet After a Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve just spent money on the best carpet cleaning Phoenix has to offer, then you probably would like to get the most that you can from such a worthwhile investment. One of the best ways to ensure that your carpet remains in great shape between cleanings is to take good care of it. From using a carpet rake to vacuuming often, you might do a variety of things that can help keep your carpet in optimal condition.

 Caring for your Carpet After a Carpet Cleaning

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After Cleaning Carpet Care

Allow the Carpet to Dry

Once your floor has been freshly cleaned, don’t forget to ask how long you should remain off of the carpet. If the weather is warm and arid, the carpet shouldn’t take too long to dry. However, living in a humid climate may mean waiting several hours longer until the fibers are completely dry. The last thing you should do is to allow people or animals to walk very much (or at all) on a freshly cleaned carpet that is not yet dry. This can cause dirt to become imbedded so thoroughly in the caret that it might not come out until the next cleaning.


Use a Carpet Rake

After a carpet has been cleaned you may want to rake it with a specially designed tool. A carpet rake will smooth out the lines that are left on the surface after a professional cleaning. You might also use this item periodically to keep the fibers maintained.


Place a Floor Mat Near the Front Door

If you position a floor mat somewhere near the front entrance of your home, you will do much to keep dirt from the outside from getting in your carpet. This will also help to prevent leaves, grime, mud, and animal waste from being tracked into your home. You might place a mat just outside the front door or in the entranceway indoors. A mat with ridges or another texture will trap unwanted dirt even further.


Vacuum Regularly

A vacuum cleaner does more than simply remove dirt from the surface layer of your carpet. It also removes particles from the layers underneath the surface. Therefore, vacuuming often will aid in keeping dirt buildup from making your carpet dirtier than it needs to be. If you’ve spent time researching affordable Phoenix carpet cleaning companies, then you likely want to be sure that the carpet stays as clean as possible after a professional cleaning.


Once you have decided to hire the best carpet cleaners Phoenix offers, remember to invest some time in learning how to keep your carpet clean. When you care for a carpet properly, you can lengthen the time needed between professional visits. Employing a few simple strategies could help to keep your carpet looking clean and beautiful for a long time.  

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Rich Sparta

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