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A Few Pieces of Carpet Cleaning Wisdom

To some, carpet cleaning can be a complete nightmare. Others rely on professionals to clean their carpets. However, the best solution is usually a combination of regular cleaning yourself and occasional steam cleaning from a qualified professional. This will help maximize the lifespan of your carpet and keep it looking great the entire time.


Cleaning It Yourself.

pic_a111_9spjAt home, you should vacuum your carpets at least once a week. High traffic areas, such as in front of the door and in front of the couches, should be vacuumed more often than the rest. Vacuuming frequently will prevent large amounts of dirt and grit from building up within the fibers.

This dirt and grit can actually cut away at carpet fibers as people step on them. A buildup of dirt and debris also prevents the carpet from working efficiently as an air filter, which is actually one of its most important jobs.


Cleaning Spots.

Spots and spills often seem like the end of a perfectly good carpet. However, if you act immediately you can stop the spot before it becomes a serious problem. That’s why it’s always important to react quickly as soon as something has spilled on the carpet. Don’t wait until it is dry to clean.

It’s usually best to use a combination of blotting and scrapping the area before ever applying your cleaning solution. Refrain from rubbing the spill because this will only make it spread further into the carpet.

If you are using a special spot cleaner, then start from the edge of the spill and slowly clean inwards until you have reached the center. This will help you prevent from spreading the stain around more. After finishing with the solution, use a dry towel to blot up any moisture remaining.


Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Having a professional clean your carpet every so often is also important for maintaining a carpet for a long time. Professionals usually use steam cleaning techniques, which combine heated water and high pressures to blast the dirt from the fibers. The dirt attaches to the cleaning solution and is sucked into the industrial strength vacuum.

The higher the heat, the more effective the cleaning solution is on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning isn’t expensive and you can usually get a quote for your home by picking up the phone. Get a few different quotes from different companies to compare prices.

Keep this information in mind and remember to take care of your carpet because it takes care of you.


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