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Glue (wood)

There are a variety of wood glue types, like contact cements which bond in less than a minute to polyvinyls which require over an hour to dry. You must take special precaution when removing wood glue from carpet. Because these glues are made of a variety of materials some can be cleaned with soap and water or depending on the severity of the stain and the type of glue you might need to use strong solvents. Here are a couple methods you can use to remove these types of stains from your carpet.
First, heat up a cup of white…

Furniture Stains

The most common types of Furniture stains are caused by wooden or metal furniture such as wooden entertainment centers, sofas, loveseats, and recliners that bleed into your carpet leaving a stain. Rust stains are created because of the varnish metals on your furniture. Furniture stains are cause by tannin color leaching from wood, dye from furniture finish, or rust from metal leg supports. You may not always have success removing dye caused by furniture finish, but will be able to remove the stains caused by tannin color or rust stains. Here are a couple methods you can use depending on… read more...

Fingerprint Dust

With a struggling economy and unemployment being really high, come high crime rates in burglary. If someone broke into your home or vehicle law enforcement must use fingerprint powder in order to try and collect evidence. The powder may contain rosin, black ferric oxide and lampblack. Some may also contain inorganic chemicals such as cadmium, copper, lead, titanium, mercury, silicon, and bismuth. Even though the law enforcement officers have honorable intentions, they will try to advise you to vacuum up the dust using your home vacuum cleaner. They are not professional carpet cleaners so do not take their advice for… read more...

Fingernail Polish

I love doing my nails often and sometimes accidents can happen and nail polish can spill on your carpet. The best course of action is to act fast and trying to remove the stain before it dries. Sometimes you cannot get to the stain until it has already dried, so you may have to try more than one method to completely remove the nail polish stain. Remember to first test chemicals in an inconspicuous area to avoid damage to your carpet.
One method requires using a dull knife to scrape up the liquid or dry polish from the carpet and… read more...

Filtration Soil

Filtration Soil stains arise over a period of time and are caused by air passing through your carpet attempting to go through the edge of the carpet pile. Filtration soil stains have an electrical charge that firmly bonds them to the fibers. These soil particles are so fine they penetrate deep into the carpet making them difficult to remove. If you have dark stain lines around the HVAC, under doors, or around baseboards this is what you can do.
(Always remember to test the solvent in an inconspicuous area)
First, before you begin the cleaning process it is best to… read more...

Cough Syrup: Red and Yellow

Cough syrup can leave distinct stains on carpets depending on what type of dye it is. In this article I will show you how to get rid of Red and Yellow cough syrup stains. Remember to never rub the affected area, always test chemicals in an inconspicuous area, and remember to always work from the outside of the stain towards the center to avoid spreading.
First, absorb as much cough syrup from carpet as possible using paper towels. You can make your own solution by mixing water and one table spoon of liquid dish soap. Using a spray bottle squirt… read more...

Copier Toner

Replacing a cartridge after it runs out of toner can be a difficult job to many and if you are not careful it can leak and spill fine powder onto your carpet. The longer it takes you to resolve this matter, the more difficult it becomes to remove the toner. Time is essential when dealing with this type of stain. When removing copier toner you can use a regular vacuum however, the particles the toner contains can damage the unit. Remember to never rub the affected area, and always test chemicals in an inconspicuous area. I am going to provide… read more...

Chalk Powder

Chalk is a wonderful way for a child to express their creative side and to pass the time, and sometimes they won’t just keep it out in the cement or pavement and eventually they will bring it into the house. Chalk can leave a powdery residue that can stain clothing, carpet and numerous other surfaces. You must remove chalk stains as soon as possible and prior to cleaning to avoid permanent staining. Chalk stains are usually removable. It is best to find out what kind of chalk it is before adding any chemicals to your carpet. Most chalks now are… read more...

Coffee, Tea, Wine, Chocolate, Urine, and other organic type stains.

When something spills and stains your carpet time is of essence. Identifying the type of stain is the key. An innocent spill can become permanent the longer you wait to remove it. Remember to never rub the affected area, blot as much moisture from the carpet using white paper towels, to prevent spreading and then work your way in from the edges to the center. If there are solid spills you can use a spoon or knife to remove what has not yet soaked into the carpet. Remember to always test the chemical you use in an inconspicuous area.
You…

Blue Toilet Bowl Stain

Blue Toilet Bowl Stain Removalblue toilet bowl cleaner stain

If blue toilet bowl cleaner is spilled on your carpet immediate action should be taken to try and avoid a permanent stain. It would only take a small drop to ruin the design or color palette of the carpet material because of the cleaner’s bright color and strong cleaning chemicals.

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Steps for Removing Blue Toilet Bowl Cleaner from Carpet Immediately

  1. Immediately blot the affected area using a white dry… read more...

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