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Mold, Mildew, and Plant stains

Sometimes mold or mildew can get into our carpet, and it can leave a nasty stain. Fortunately you can easily remove these satins by using some common household materials. Here are a few methods to try if you have any of these stains.
First, you need to apply a dilute solution to the affected area and agitate gently, but thoroughly. Then, you need to do a hot water extraction clean. Next, you need to dry carpet by using the wand from your vacuum cleaner then blot with towel. Then, using a trigger sprayer, apply an oxidizer to the affected area… read more...

Kool Aid, Colored Beverages, Candy, and other Food Dye Stains

When liquid is spilled on your carpets, it soaks down into the fibers and spreads. One of the most difficult stains to detach from carpets is the one from sticky candy, but not to worry, your carpet can be restored using the right cleaning techniques. Here are a few techniques you can use to remove food dye.
Begin by using dry paper towels and pat the affected area to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Apply a mixture of liquid detergent and cold water using a white clean rag. (Always make sure to test in a conspicuous… read more...

Ink and Permanent Marker

Because ink and permanent marker stains can easily and rapidly spread throughout your carpet fibers, it is best to treat the stains as soon as possible. It is important for you to know what kind of material you are dealing with so that you can avoid any permanent damage to your carpet, if you are unsure call a professional for advice. Here I have some methods you can try when cleaning up these types of stains.
Method #1: First, begin by vacuuming the area; this will remove any loose substance in your carpet. Use 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol or the70%… read more...

Iodine / Betadine

Removing these stains immediately is very crucial because Iodine is a dye and can become a real nuisance to remove. Here are a couple methods you can use to remove these types of stains. Because these stains can be tough make sure you follow directions carefully to prevent permanent damage. If you do not feel confident in removing these stains on your own, contact a professional.
For this first method you will need to mix 1 tsp of sodium thiosulfate and ½ cup of warm water. Mix the solution until all the crystals have dissolved. Be very careful when using… read more...

Hi-lighter Markers

Getting to highlighter stains as soon as possible is important, but because of our busy schedule that is not always possible. Getting rid of highlighter stains can be tough but not impossible. It is very important to identify what type of material you are dealing with so that there is no damage to your carpet. If you do not feel very confident in removing these types of stains on your own, it is always best to call a professional. Here I have a couple methods you can use to try and remove any highlighter stains from your carpet.
First, begin…

Hair Dye

When it comes to hair dye stains it is crucial that you do not apply an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide or a high P.H. enzyme, because it will only intensify them. These are tricky stains so if you do not feel comfortable removing them yourself it is best to call a professional. Here are two methods you can try when it comes to removing hair dye.
Begin by soaking a clean white towel in cold water. Blot the area putting as much pressure as you can to the towel while on the stain. Remember to never rub the… read more...


Getting a gum stain can be a very disheartening sight and it might make it seem impossible to remove. It can be tricky getting these types of stains out, but it is not impossible. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation like this here are two methods I have for you to try.
This method is called the ice cube method, which requires you to freeze the gum deposit making it easier to remove. Begin by filling a zip-lock lunch bag with ice cubes, press the bag to remove the air inside it, and then place on top… read more...


Grease stains are tricky to get out of your carpet, so it is very important to identify what type of material you will be working with. Patience is crucial and make sure to follow directions well. Here are some methods you can try when removing grease stains.
Fist, try and remove as much grease from the carpet by blotting with paper towels. If grease is dry, remove as much as you can with a plastic utensil. Next, sprinkle baking soda generously over the stained area, covering it. Allowing powder to dwell is very crucial for these types of stains, so… read more...

Glue (wood)

There are a variety of wood glue types, like contact cements which bond in less than a minute to polyvinyls which require over an hour to dry. You must take special precaution when removing wood glue from carpet. Because these glues are made of a variety of materials some can be cleaned with soap and water or depending on the severity of the stain and the type of glue you might need to use strong solvents. Here are a couple methods you can use to remove these types of stains from your carpet.
First, heat up a cup of white…

Furniture Stains

The most common types of Furniture stains are caused by wooden or metal furniture such as wooden entertainment centers, sofas, loveseats, and recliners that bleed into your carpet leaving a stain. Rust stains are created because of the varnish metals on your furniture. Furniture stains are cause by tannin color leaching from wood, dye from furniture finish, or rust from metal leg supports. You may not always have success removing dye caused by furniture finish, but will be able to remove the stains caused by tannin color or rust stains. Here are a couple methods you can use depending on… read more...

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