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Rich Sparta

About: Rich Sparta

Rich Sparta has been cleaning carpets for as long as he can remember. He is a professional in the business and a well respected name in the valley. He has been running APEX carpet cleaning successfully for years now, and can definitely get your stain out.

Articles by Rich Sparta:

Blue Toilet Bowl Stain

27 Jun 2013 in Stain Removal

Blue Toilet Bowl Stain Removal If blue toilet bowl cleaner is spilled on your carpet immediate action should be taken to try and avoid a permanent stain. It would only take a small drop to ruin the design or color palette of the carpet material because of the cleaner’s bright…

Blue Gatorade stains

25 Jun 2013 in Stain Removal

Removing Blue Gatorade Stains from Carpet Gatorade stains can be both tough and frustrating to eliminate. If you have a couple of little athletes running around the house, it is bound to happen sooner or later. Like most stains, it is important to eliminate a Gatorade stain as quickly as…

Adhesive Residue on carpet

23 Jun 2013 in Stain Removal

An adhesive is a chemical, typically liquid or semi-liquid, that adheres or bonds items together. Adhesives come from either natural or synthetic sources. Adhesive come from glue on tape, masking tape, duct tape ect. but it can come in many forms, Drying adhesives, Pressure sensitive adhesives, Contact adhesives, Hot adhesives,…

Blood Clean up

21 Jun 2013 in Stain Removal

Blood stains can be especially difficult to remove because the hemoglobin in the blood which adheres with the fibers in your carpet when it hits the air and binds . As with any stain removal technique, you will want to try a test application on a small, inconspicuous spot to…

Affordable Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

06 May 2013 in Carpet Cleaning

APEX carpet cleaning has been offering professional carpet cleaning service in the valley for years. Our proposition has always been to offer the best possible service at the most affordable price possible. We know the value of our services and strive to cut every cost possible – without sacrificing quality,…

Removing Crayon Stains from Carpet

24 Apr 2013 in Carpet Cleaning&Stain Removal

Getting Crayon stains out of your carpet is not impossible, just know that by working patiently and being careful with any of these methods you can increase the chance of being able to remove the stains, it will just require a little bit of work. The first step you want…

Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

16 Apr 2013 in Carpet Cleaning

Regular vacuuming is necessary to keep carpets looking great. But, over time, dirt will still build up. Because carpet is a system of vertical fibers, only the top layer of flooring is cleaned by a vacuum. Contrast this with a hard floor. The broom cleans the entire floor, and any…

Best Phoenix Carpet Cleaners – APEX Carpet

08 Apr 2013 in Carpet Cleaning

Rich Sparta began servicing the Phoenix area decades ago, providing the best possible carpet cleaning services. The vision he had when starting his company was that  he wanted to be an honest, family company. APEX was founded on these principles and has carried that out since the beginning. They are…

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Experts

11 Mar 2013 in Water Damage Restoration

APEX carpet cleaning is the premier carpet cleaner Phoenix has to offer. We offer a full suite of carpet cleaning services ranging from 100% guaranteed carpet stain removal to water damage repair. Many competing carpet cleaning companies in phoenix do not offer water damage restoration, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning…