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Benefits of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

27 Jun 2018 in Carpet Cleaning&Steam Cleaning

When choosing different flooring options for your home there are a lot of things to consider. The overall design can be a deciding factor on whether you choose carpet, tile, wood, or any other flooring option. If you’ve chosen tile as the flooring for any part of your home, you…

How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

22 May 2018 in Carpet Cleaning

It is no secret that professional carpet cleaning is beneficial in so many ways, but you may beg the question, “How often should you get your carpets cleaned?” That answer varies on a few different things, such as if you have kids or pets, or you are constantly entertaining. Having your…

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

24 Apr 2018 in Carpet Cleaning

Although it may be tempting to rent a carpet cleaning machine from your local home improvement store, there really is no comparison to having a professional come to your house to clean your carpets. The benefits of professional carpet cleaning are endless, including helping the longevity and overall look of your…

Benefits of Steam Cleaning Carpet

22 Mar 2018 in Carpet Cleaning&Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, it has to be done, but there are so many options these days. How do you decide between steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or shampooing? Each one is beneficial in its own way, and often times it is merely preference on which one you think is best. The benefits…

The Importance of Getting Your Grout Sealed

23 Feb 2018 in Carpet Cleaning

How disappointed would you be if someone spilled something on your brand new tile and it seeped into your unsealed grout and permanently stained it? The importance of getting your grout sealed is to protect the integrity of the grout and keep your tiled floor looking brand new for as…

Should Carpet Be Replaced After Water Damage?

27 Dec 2017 in Carpet Cleaning

Whenever possible, carpet should be cleaned, rather than replaced, after water damage. In most cases, cleaning carpet after water damage is not only possible, but recommended. In keeping with environmental and community stewardship through reducing, re-using, recycling, and re-purposing, cleaning carpet after water damage, rather than replacing it, is not…

How to Remove Pet Dander from Carpet

13 Nov 2017 in Carpet Cleaning

Pet Dander and Being a Good Pet Parent Any responsible pet owner with carpet in the home needs to be aware of how to remove pet dander from carpet. Pet dander is an allergen and respiratory irritant and can easily trigger reactions in people who are especially sensitive to environmental…

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas

19 Oct 2017 in Carpet Cleaning

How to Protect Carpet in High Traffic Areas Replacing worn carpet can be expensive, so it’s important to keep your carpet in good shape for as long as you can. You do not need to buy expensive products or employ complex techniques to accomplish this. You also do not have…

How to Remove Carpet Stains

02 Aug 2017 in Carpet Cleaning

Red Stain in Carpet We’ve all been there. The that cup full of Kool-aid, cherry flavored soda or red wine tumbles over the table and drips, leaving a red stain in your carpet. If it’s your first experience with red coloring, you might think it’s like every other stain and…

Keeping Your Carpet Clean With Pets

21 Oct 2016 in Carpet Cleaning&Stain Removal

Bringing in a new pet to your home can be very exciting, but stressful as well. Adding a new furry family member means a new process of your daily life that might entail a lot of new odors and carpet stains. We have some tips to prepare yourself and your…